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Blog Peer Review #3 – Audiences and Channels

 Design, Content, and Marketability


Alicia Dang’s Blog

Alicia Dang is a second year Communications and Interactive Arts & Technology student at Simon Fraser University. She’s grown up in Vancouver Canada developing interests in fashion, beauty, travel, design, and culture. Alicia’s personal fashion style and inspirations for her blog can be found on her Tumblr account, linked directly to her “inspiration” page.


According to Alicia’s weekly process posts, she wanted to design a blog that was “clean, elegant, and easy to navigate.” I think she’s accomplished this very successfully. I really enjoyed navigating through her user-friendly, well-organized and professionally designed pages. Alicia has spent some time choosing the right photographs and font for her aesthetic style, which was well worth the effort. Her blog images are crisp, clear, and aesthetically pleasing, as is her choice of font.


Alicia has demonstrated a lot of creative and authentic self-expression in her choice of blog content. Under the “Looks” tab in her pages, Alicia’s monthly fashion posts include events and restaurants she’s attended locally, as well as the outfits she chose to wear to them. These posts also showcase her trip to the “fashion city” of Paris France last summer, highlighting worldly fashion differences and the “Parisian craze” so many people are aspiring to globally. Alicia’s Paris articles include some history of the places she visited. She mentioned in week 4 that she’d like to include some history of fashion on her blog. Her trips to places like Paris would be a great place to incorporate this type of content.

Alicia’s process pages, including her vision board, weekly process posts, peer reviews, and PUB101 essay, are full of honest and helpful information for anyone who may be starting a blog themselves. I was particularly impressed with a photographic remix she designed in week 7 using make-up, body paint, and the images of stars and moons to express herself.  

Adding Interactive Components

One suggestion I have for engaging and expanding Alicia’s audience is to include more interactive components in her blog reviews and essays. I think readers of all ages could gain some incite into the development of their own blogs through her personal process and those of her peers. Including images and links to other websites and articles might improve the length of time readers spend on her blog and increase the shares she receives on social media. I really recommend using the “Jetpack” plugin to optimize traffic and social media sharing, and make use of SEO tools.


I love Alicia’s minimalistic and professional approach to monetization. Each of her “Looks” is followed by hyperlinks endorsing events, local businesses, and brand names. This is a really smart way of encouraging businesses and brands she already loves, to support her website, encourage more traffic, and market her blog. I hope Alicia can stay true to herself and her public by continuing to portray her authentic self through this means of marketing.

Please take some time to visit Alicia Dang’s beautifully inspiring blog and share with others. I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of this SFU student’s talents in the near future!

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